There is a prophecy in Isaiah 42:1-4, where it speaks of what Jesus will one day do on the earth. It highlights the fact that Jesus isn’t coming to merely establish Sunday services, but he’s coming to establish a kingdom that will never end—to fix our broken world. He is on mission to establish his kingdom of justice, peace and righteousness.

Thankfully, Jesus loves to use his people to accomplish those ends. Since day one, the focus of Rubber City Church has been to join Jesus on his mission of bringing his kingdom into our broken world. As we approach our second birthday as a church, we want to take a big step in the vision that God has for us to continue to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to the East Side of Akron. We are asking God to not just add to our ministry impact—we are asking him to multiply our ministry impact. We are praying that God would cause such a sweeping conviction of generosity that we would be able to bless the world around us in powerful ways.

We will look to give towards new church plants in our region with like-minded kingdom impact. We will give to church planting and pastoral training centers in India—the most unreached country in the world per capita. We will look to build and operate a community center. A place where kids and families can come for fun, shelter, and experience the love and hope of Jesus.

As exemplified by Jesus, his kingdom was not inaugurated through military might or elections, but by laying down his life for others.

His kingdom advances the same way it began, through his followers laying themselves down for others. Join us as we move into a season of laying ourselves down to multiply Jesus’ Kingdom in our community. We can’t wait to see what God does in us and through us on this journey.


Over the next year, we are trusting God to provide not only for our ongoing ministry at Rubber City, but for the expansion needed to reach the community around us and beyond. Join us as we boldly venture into Multiply and live out our faith with three initiatives:
 MULTIPLY HERE | $175,000

This represents our general ministry and operating budget over the next year. We need to resource all of our existing ministries that are the backbone of our church.
 MULTIPLY THERE | $133,000

We want to extend and expand our reach in Ellet by purchasing and/or renovating a larger facility that will serve as a community center.

We want to see God’s Kingdom multiplied everywhere by planting churches in NE Ohio and in Southern Asia. We will also invest in our local ministry partners.



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