At Rubber City Church, we believe that the only way to follow Jesus is one step at a time.  Each of the Next Steps below reflect one of our 4 core values: Jesus, His Word, His Mission and Life Together.

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We make Jesus the center of our lives

Jesus’ perfect life, substitutional death, and resurrection, has completed all the work necessary for you to be forgiven and have a relationship with God. How we access that is through faith. Which means trusting him with your sin and with your life.


Are your ready to take the next step of making Jesus the Lord of your life?

It’s through baptism that we express our faith publicly and proclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.


We practice individual and corporate worship 3 ways:

Bible Reading |  Worship shouldn’t just take place on the weekend, but be a regular rhythm in our life. We can only make much of Jesus by deciding to dig into the Word of God daily.

Prayer | Through the Holy Spirit, we are able to talk with God. He cares about what you care about, and he invites us to talk with him and lay our anxieties, hopes, and hurts before him.

Worship Gathering - Engagement + Participation | Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are new to the family, we hope you feel welcomed, valued and included. An important step in growing spiritually is prioritizing your engagement with our Sunday morning worship gatherings. Kick your week off with strong biblical teaching and a community that truly loves you! You matter to us, and we’re here to challenge you in your next step of growth.


We can't do what we do without you!

On a Sunday Team | It takes a team of volunteers to run this awesome church we call home. As we continue to grow, we need more hands to make the impact of Rubber City Church lasting and continues. From serving in kids, production, operations, or the welcome team, we have a place that embraces your talent, skills, and God-given gifts! If you aren’t plugged into a Sunday Team, I’m challenging you to step up and take on this next step. Make much of Jesus by serving like Jesus. Scan this QR code and get plugged in today!

In our Community | Although Jesus is at work in Rubber City Church, he’s up to much more outside our church. We have local ministry partners that are on the front lines in specific areas—combatting the darkness of our world with the light of Jesus. Sign up today and experience first-hand the impact of what God can do through you in our community


Scripture tells us that God loves a cheerful giver.

God not only wants us to be people who tithe to the church, but also are generous to those who he brings into our lives. What are ways this week that you can be more generous to others?


When we share our faith with others, it provides a window for others to see the grace and love of Jesus.

The Gospel |  You can be the catalyst in someone’s faith by stepping out and sharing what God has done in your life! This next step is for everyone. Whether you have been a Christian for 20 years or 20 minutes, there is always an opportunity to share how God has forgiven and redeemed your life!

Your Story | We all have a story, and it’s that Jesus has transformed us from the inside out! Share with us the difference following Jesus has made in your life by submitting your story to our team. By taking the next step of sharing your story, you encourage others to see their need for Christ. Scan the QR code and submit yours!

Invite | We all have someone in our lives who is far from God and needs to know the love of the Father. This week, take the next step of extending an invite to them. 


Grow your faith by surrounding yourself with people that intentionally seek Christ.

Through Rubber City’s Neighborhood Groups, we’re able to dive deeper into biblical topics and develop incredible, live-giving relationships. Take your next step and connect in a Neighborhood Group.