Welcome to our exciting adventure! We're thrilled that you're interested in learning more about Jesus' mission in Ellet, Summit County, and beyond.

Join us as we bring His kingdom to Earth, MAKING MUCH OF JESUS.

Our church isn't just a weekly worship in a sanctuary; it's a thriving community spread across the East side of Akron. Connect with our groups to find belonging, grow in faith, and serve the community together. Experience our worship nights, unifying ourselves around God's mission. Don't miss out!

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We are a church seeking to know Jesus and live on mission in our neighborhoods and networks where God calls us. Our foundational beliefs are rooted in His Word. Rubber City church is part of the RiverTree Christian Church network. RiverTree has multiple locations on mission throughout Northeast Ohio, but we operate as one entity with core values and leadership teams. While every location is unique to its community through mission and vision, all locations follow the same core values.

The RiverTree network is non-denominational with Local Elders installed by the congregation to independently govern us. RiverTree does not belong to denominational boards, hierarchies, or voting associations. We do develop relationships with other churches of similar faith and heritage for support and encouragement.

Click the link below to learn more about our beliefs and what Rubber City Church, along with the RiverTree Network are doing throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond.


Our hope for Akron is the same as Jesus’ hope for Akron: that his kingdom would come. Akron has a rich history as the “Rubber Capital of the World.” When driving into Akron, one can often see the blimp flying high as it lets all people know what this city is all about.

We wish an additional story would be written for Akron. A story which echoes the person and work of Jesus Christ. From the beginning, the church always had one mission in mind: to make much of Jesus. He is God. He is Savior. He is Deliverer. He is King. Unfortunately, we live in a day where the message of Jesus has been severely suppressed. But it is our hearts’ conviction that the person of Jesus is everyone’s greatest need. We believe we will see Jesus’ kingdom come to Akron. Our strategy in joining him in this work is simple: sending people. Our focus is not on gathering masses of people, but sending people to the masses. We send people who are committed to making much of Jesus to every school, workplace, and neighborhood. As a result of sending people, we believe we are going to watch Heaven come down to earth, and Akron would no longer just be known as the Rubber Capital of the world, but a city that knows Jesus as King.


From the beginning, the church always had one mission in mind: to make much of Jesus.
This is not just a clever slogan to get individuals to rally, but it is a lifestyle. We want to be a church that makes much of Jesus everywhere we live, work and play. Whether people come to our worship services, work in the next cubicle over, or live down the street, we will be known as people who are on mission to make much of Jesus.

We make much of Jesus by valuing 4 things:



We make Jesus the center of our lives. Will you commit to living a Jesus-centered life? Have you made Jesus the Lord of your life? Have you surrendered to him? Have you placed your faith in him?

Jesus is Lord means surrendering our lives to him.
  1. Ask Jesus to forgive you
  2. Surrender (Lordship)
  3. Be baptized

We immerse ourselves in God’s Word corporately & individually to strive to see things the way God sees them. Will you commit to reading your Bible daily? Do you need a Bible? Have you started reading your Bible? Do you need help reading your Bible? Have you begun to obey what the Bible says on all matters of life?

Jesus is Lord means obeying what his word says.
  1. Get a Bible
  2. Read your Bible
  3. Obey your Bible


We join Jesus in his mission to bring his Kingdom to our world by using our unique gifts where he’s placed us so those around us can encounter Jesus. Will you commit to praying over 10 people in your life, using your gifts to bless them & follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit to share Jesus with them? Are you asking Jesus to reveal to you what he’s doing in your life? What his plans are? What he is calling you to do? Are you serving Jesus by serving his bride—the church?

Jesus is Lord means joining his mission of bringing his kingdom to our world.
  1. Commit to joining Jesus on his mission where he has placed you
  2. Join a Sunday Team
  3. Giving in a radically generous way
  4. Preaching the Gospel


We walk through life committed to being there for one another. Will you commit to joining a Neighborhood Group & Sunday Team? Are you engaged in Christian community? Do you share your burdens with others and allow others burdens to be shared with you?

Jesus is Lord means doing life in community with his people.
  1. Join a Neighborhood Group
  2. Engage in monthly prayer gatherings, dinners, etc.


Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 10AM